"Anne's vivid approach to life provides the viewer with a snapshot into her creative soul. The underlying messages from her work are sometimes political, sometimes introspective, but always powerful. People stop to ask us frequently the story behind "Pretty Betty" hanging in our living room."

- Cassie & Jeremey Johnson

"Anne John's work captures the essence of the human spirit. Her art masterfully changes and intrigues each new viewer with an experience rarely found in any media. Her pieces not only increase the aesthetics of one's home; they make a statement about a collector's feelings and passions."

- Bryna Osborne

"Anne John paints dreamlike, narrative pictures using symbolism that illuminate her sense of humor and social consciousness. Several of her works feature a trio of women, often enjoying drinks, often by the beach, that seem to allude to community. These paintings have a mystery about them that say perhaps there is more to a ladies' afternoon tea than gossip; that the bonding between women is of significantly spiritual importance. Anne John's women, even though they are placed in dreamlike settings, have the feeling of a more powerful troika. These paintings of women on the beach, windblown hair and wine glasses in hand could be compared to the work of Norwegian master painter Odd Nerdrum, although she is obviously not a copycat."

- Review from the Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center